Oh Glorious Rabbits

Ramona really wants to breed our two lionhead rabbits so she can have a new little bunny. Her bunny died during the last storm we had. I told her she needed to read our bunny book and see what we needed to do to prepare for having bunnies. I told her to go to the chapter about breeding.

She found it and began reading about the goings on of breeding. I just had to crack up about the whole affair because she has no idea she is reading about sex. She is so innocent still about such things and I have not had a talk about the birds and the bees with her yet. She knows how baby rabbits are made but has not put two and two together.

Anyway, the funniest part – well the funniest part for me – was when she was reading, “male rabbits are almost always willing to breed.” and then paused and said, “That’s good to know.” and then continued reading as if it were a normal everyday occurance. She of course read it and was thrilled to discover that the breeding thing would be simple and she would get her desired outcome – baby rabbits. I on the other hand, cracked up because what she doesn’t realize is that all males, regardless of species, “are almost always willing to breed.”

Bless her little heart. Master C, our eleven year old, was in the kitchen listening to her read and watched me crack up and said, “we never learned about this stuff when we were seven.”

Well, I wanted the rabbits for educational experiences, I just didn’t realize how practical they would be! Ha Ha.


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