3D’s Eyes Have Been Healed

3D has been complaining about his glasses being dirty lately.  Of course they are not, but he kept leaving his glasses off.  I took him to the eye doctor to get a new perscription for him because I was sure that his eyes were getting worse and he simply needed new glasses.  That is what usually happens right?

At the end of the exam the Dr. exclaimed, “well, good news, he doesn’t need his glasses anymore.  The stigmatism he had two years ago is gone.” 

I couldn’t believe it. 

Now we all have to get used to him without glasses.  Of course we all played up the “don’t you look smart” with your glasses baloney when he had glasses to make him feel good about himself with his newly aquired glasses.  I wonder if he feels stupid now that he doesn’t have them anymore.  I guess that would be a good topic of discussion tom. morning.

Praise the Lord.  Perfect eyesight, no more money spent on glasses and no more losing them either!


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