We always garden in the spring, but it is usually late late spring before we get anything in the ground and sometimes early summer.  Well this year the kids and I were determined to get an early jump on vegies this year so we started an indoor greenhouse of sorts.

Daddy’O had received some great plastic containers with no lids from a co-worker and I found the perfect use for them.  Mini greenhouses.

We filled them with dirt and seeds and then left them in the kitchen on a table.  The sun beams down on them and a heater vent is directly underneath.  The good news is they are thriving.  The bad news is that it is still too cold to put them outdoors.  What to do with the ever growing plants for another two weeks or so???  I’ll take another pic in a few days to show you how tall they are getting.  I don’t want to lose any of them before we get them in the ground.  The corn is especially growing tall. 

I guess the best part was the doing part.  We’ll get vegies in the ground even if it isn’t these particular ones.


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