The Perfect Saying for Ramona

I found the perfect saying for Ramona when I was at my new favorite store the other day.  I’ve only been there twice because I have to stay away to keep my money in my pocket.  Anyway, I just couldn’t resist any longer and went in to see what was new that I “needed.” 

I found a couple of cute signs to hang around the house and came across a perfect one for Ramona.  It says, “Live by the Sun and Love by the Moon.”

I read it a few times and thought about it’s meaning for a moment.  Then a light went on as I began to see that it was perfect for Ramona.

Ramona will come to me in the evening after the sun has gone down and I’ve told her it is bed time and all she wants is affection.  Of course by that time of night it is too late for long snuggles as I just want all the kids in bed.  But, she insists I hug and kiss and snuggle and rock her.  She needs her love tank filled. 

She laughs and says she can’t figure out why she only wants to snuggle and hug at night and really doesn’t want any affection from me during the day.  I have always found it curious too.  So the sign fits her to a tee.  It sums it up in one phrase.  She is too busy living and having fun during her day that she finds it a waste of time to show affection.  Then when the sun goes down she has time to sit and be quiet and soak up all the loving a person can dish out. 

She went from feeling different to feeling like she isn’t wierd all because of one little sign.  I was going to put it in her room, but decided to keep it out where I can read it and remember that she loves the lovin, but just on her terms when the sun has gone down and all the playin has been played.


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