My Hat is Cooler (Excuse Me…More Cool) than Me


I don’t give Daddy’O enough props, so I am going to remedy that by showing you my new hat.  He actually took all four kids out the other night to a hat boutique to buy me a hat.  I haven’t worn hats in like forever!  I’m just not cool enough to wear hats.  I’m not sure what possessed him to purchase a hat, let alone travel to the “cool” part of town with all four kids, but he did.  I was out working and came home and saw a bag on the couch.  He didn’t give me the bag he just sat there and watched me look at it kinda funny.  I wasn’t too excited about the hat, cause I thought it was a frivolous purchase and kinda miffed at the whole thing. 

I know, I know, what a terrible wife I am.  Unfortunately I don’t have the pleasure of being in the dark about finances in our home.  I am in charge of them, so I know exactly what we can and can’t buy.  So, I just saw it as another item that drained money from our bank account. 

The next day my eldest son, seeing my distress, assured me that the hat was half off and I could rest knowing that it was ok to keep the hat.  Furthermore, Daddy’O had used money from some money that he earns from a third job on Sat. to purchase it.

So I kept the hat and look “cool” when I wear it, even though I’m not very cool anymore.  Well actually, I was never really “cool” to begin with LOL!


2 Responses

  1. I think you’re cool, and I had to comment because that hat is so great! Where did he find it?

  2. It’s called the Dapper Cap.
    128 NW 23rd Avenue
    Portland, OR 97210
    (503) 719-5509
    I am not a name brand person, so I have never heard of this brand, but it is made by Kangol. It’s fully lined with light blue satin. It is a really nice hat! Glad you like it.

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