Happy Chickens

Our chickens have been miserable this winter in a yucky, stinky and filthy coop.  Alright, I realize I don’t speak chicken, but you should have heard the chicken chatter after we placed them back in their nice new clean and cozy coop.  It was like cooing or something.  Almost sounded like a dove cooing. 

The kids and I (mostly me) scooped and scraped as much as the stinky filth we could get out of their coop.  I dumped it all in the yard debris bin cause I didn’t have a working wheel barrow to get it over to my compost bin.  When I tried to move the can over to the cement, I could hardly move it.  It was a mixture of mud and chicken you know what. 

It will stay this way until tom. when it rains again and all the nice dry hay gets wet and soggy and we have to do it all over again.  Oh the joys of having warm fresh eggs to make omelets with.


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