The Crazy Mixed Up Files of the Melange Gang

The other day I was heading out the door while Grandma stayed with the kids.  I looked back and said, “you guys be good for Grandma, obey her, do what you’re told and get along.”  CP immediately responded, “OK Mom.”  Ramona just looked at me and refused to give me an answer.  I was just going to ignore it and leave, but then CP said to me, “why not Beeda (what he calls his sister) talk that way?”  I couldn’t believe even a three year old recognizes disrespect and disobedience.

I looked at Ramona and asked, “what is your answer Ramona?”  She just looked at me refusing to answer and then the funniest thing happened.  CP started whispering loudly to Ramona, “say yes, mom” over and over again.  He saw what was about to happen (Ramona getting in trouble) and tried to encourage his sister to do the right thing resulting in “no trouble.”

After sending Ramona to the bench I told her she needed to be a better example to her younger brother.  To which she responded,
“why, he’s doing just fine.”

At that I rolled my eyes and walked out the door leaving my mother to deal with the rest.

How is it that the three year old is more obedient than the 7 year old???


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