Clean House

I came home to a clean house the other evening.  I was shocked to find the living room picked up, the bathroom cleaned and told later that the boys’ room had been cleaned too. 

I had left to work for a few hours and a friend had called and told me that she was going to drop something off for the boys.  Daddy’O would be home, but I would not.  So I left and when I came home Master C told me that he knew someone was coming over, but wasn’t sure if they were going to come in or not.  He decided on his own to pick up the house so it would look neat if they came in. 

He never ceaces to amaze me.  Do you know many 11 year old boys who would pick up the house because they felt it was important?  Not me!

Maybe he did it because he didn’t want to be embarrassed?  Hmmm, either way, I liked the result!


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