Bye Bye Birdie

Didn’t I have another post awhile back with the same title?

We are incubating some chickens this month.  They only take 21 days to hatch out.  We have had them going in our kitchen for over a week-maybe two.  Anyway, I came home the other evening to some sort of odd smell.

I walked into the kitchen to investigate and looked in our incubator.  I noticed that one of the eggs had cracked open and some chickie matter was squished out.  Ooooh!  I didn’t even want to pick up the egg, but I had to get it out of there.

Gross is right.  I took it out and disposed of it delicately.  I only started with six and now we are down to five.  I hope that we at least get to see one chickie hatch out.  It will be fun.  I’ll post some pic’s later.


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