Egg Incubator


Today is the day the chickies are supposed to start pecking their way out of their nice cozy warm homes.  Hmmmm, we are wondering if any of them will hatch.  I’ve been having a problem keeping the humidity where it is supposed to be.  If we fail, I already have a source lined up for another dozen fertilized eggs.  I hope we have at least one that hatches.


3 Responses

  1. I wish you lots of luck with them, i incubated 12 eggs last month and only had 2 hatch, i had humidity problems too.
    My fingers are crossed for you


  2. It is 6:30 in the AM on the 22nd day of incubation and we can see a little flap of shell lifting up on one of the eggs. CP is upset because everyone keeps telling him its not his chickie. He keeps saying, “it my chickie.” Looks like we’ll get at least one. Of course we are going to be gone all morning. I wonder how much it will peck out in three hours?

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