Smith and Bybee Wetlands

We took a field-trip to the Smith and Bybee Wetlands a week or so ago.  It is hard to believe that there are 2000 acres of wetlands near the airport.

The kids enjoyed walking around spying God’s creations.  It wasn’t too cold and the drizzle had stopped by the time we stepped out of our car.  The first thing I saw was a humming bird and then I took a picture of another bird. 

We walked on a nicely paved trail with a naturalist who talked about what we saw.  We all agreed in the end that it would have been nice to just walk by ourselves, but enjoyed it nonetheless.  A few turtles spied some sun and decided to crawl up onto a rock.  Other than that all we saw were a bunch of slugs.

The leaders did have a nice spot with some tubs and water ready for the kids to use magnifying glasses to look close at the things in the lake. One good thing we learned was the antedote for stinging nettle.  If you look around the stinging nettle you will find a plant with green leaves with a red line down the middle.  Look at the picture.  You just rub it on the site that you were stung and it is supposed to relieve the pain.


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