This little chick cracks me up.  People say that chickens are dumb and they very well may be, but this one, along with all the others we have, have personalities.  The kids got to see the whole “birth.”  I woke up in the morning and saw that a little piece of the shell was cracked.  I got all the other kids up and they sat around watching in amazement. It only took 45 minutes to peck around the shell and push the end out with it’s feet.  It really was amazing seeing the live animal pop out of the small white shell.  We had some awesome conversations about God’s beauty in birth and life.  I know it’s just a dumb chicken, but it really was remarkable seeing it first hand. 

It was wet for about a half day, but dried out by the end of the day.  We took it out of the incubator the next day and made it a nice brooder box. 

In the end we only got one chicken.  We started out with 6 fertilized eggs, but only one hatched.  As far as I’m concerned my goal was accomplished.  It was sad pulling the plug on the incubator knowing that four little chickies were not going to make it.  I let them go for 5 days longer after the one chicken hatched.  Someone asked me if I cracked them open to take a look.  NO Way!  I didn’t want to see a half formed chicken.  They were beginning to stink, so I threw them out. 

This one chickie just doesn’t want to be alone.  It was making so much noise the first few days that I actually called the local farm stores to see if I could locate a friend.  Last year when we had three baby chicks they were totally satisfied with piling up on each other and keeping warm.  The made noise, but I don’t remember the three chickens making as much noise as this one.  Oh, and Master C did find it a friend.  If you’ll look at the last picture of Queenie on it’s throne, you’ll see a little rubber duck.   And… guess what?  It squeaks!

It would only be quiet if one of us was holding it.  I seriously considered a chickie B’jorn-LOL.  It cried and cried until I put a soft cloth down on top of the hay.  It seemed to like that and is now a much more pleasant house guest. 

I’m calling it Queenie because it seems to like sitting on it’s throne.  We will keep it unless it ends up being a rooster.  However, the kids told me they went to all of the neighbors houses and asked them if they minded if we had a rooster.  They came back with the report that none of them minded. 

I mind though.  I don’t want all that racket and I don’t want any fertilized eggs.   


2 Responses

  1. Queenie is gorgeous. I know what you mean about noisy though, i had only 2 chicks hatch from 9 and one was deformed so that remaining chick Daisy was lonely and made a huge fuss unless you cuddled her, we bought her 2 friends and now she is a big month old and very happy. I wish they stayed that adorable size forever. lol

  2. what a neat thing for the kids to take part in. Such a cool homeschooling mom.

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