Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies


Four bunnies arrived last Thursday night.  I awoke Friday morning and went to check on mommy and discovered four little cuties.  They all survived the birth.  I was afraid that I was going to have to intervene and help her out somehow, but she did it all by herself.  Way to go Spice!

They are a week old today and are all still healthy.  I don’t see Spice in with the bunnies at all.  She feeds them in the dark of night.  I check on them every morning to make sure they are indeed warm and fed and so far so good.  Ramona, by far, is the most excited.  She keeps trying to pick one out to be hers, but I keep telling her to wait until she can really see what they are going to look like.  We don’t even know how many girls and boys we have.  It is so much fun to have baby animals around. 

The kids are learning so much.  They know what people mean by “nesting” now.  They completely understand what a mother rabbit does to prepare for her babies.  Just like a human mother prepares her house for an infant, so too does a doe.  We watched as she pulled her own fur off of her body and stuffed the box for her babies. 

I filled her nesting box with timothy hay several times before she gave birth thinking she might want it for her babies.  Both times she worked diligently to remove all of it .  Needles to say, I didn’t add anymore.  She wanted only the best for her babies.  Her soft fur was the only answer.  It has been amazing seeing the hatching of a chick and the birthing process of rabbits.  God is truly amazing and we are astounded that people can still believe in evolution after witnessing firsthand the beauty of life.


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