My Mother’s Day Gift


The kids made this all by themselves on Sat. while I was gone helping with a women’s retreat at church.  Daddy’O was sleeping and said when he got up he didn’t even see a trace of paint.  WoW!  Daddy’O found a similar idea, but the kids made their own interpretation with supplies we had around the house. 

I love home made gifts.  Especially those that don’t cost extra.  It makes me smile thinking they carried this out all on their own without any supervision.  I love it when they work together as a team.

The Quote says, “My Hands”

“These little hands can wave Hello

Or put smudges on the wall

They can fold in prayer, throw a kiss

Or reach up so very tall

They’ll clasp your hand for a little stroll

Or shape a ball from clay

But most of all, they’ll stay with you

When I’m grown up and far away”


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