The Ugly Duckling

The bunnies are only two weeks old, but the kids can’t keep their hands off.  I don’t let them take them out much, but it is hard to convince them otherwise.  I just have to mention “Queenie” our baby chick (who died four days after hatching) and they usually back down from the begging. 

There is one bunny, the first pic. shown, that no one wants.  He is just so funny looking.  He still needs time to fill in.  His fur hasn’t completely grown in yet.  Of course the two cute ones have been claimed by Ramona and Master C and 3D is probably going to be “stuck” with the funny looking one.  I told the kids they could hold one the other day and R and MC took the two cute ones and by the time 3D got out to pick one up the only one left was the “ugly duckling”  Then R tells 3D that the bunny that no one wants can go to the kid that no one wants.  I immediately had to play interference with that one.  I had said earlier that the kid that thinks no one likes him is going to end up the the bunny that no one wants.  She totally got that one wrong.  3D looked up at me with a tinge of pain until I explained it.  It sounded terrible trying to explain it and didn’t help I don’t think.  I’m going to have to be more careful with what I say out loud!  I’m sure the funny one will turn out really cute.  He just needs a bit more time to get there.


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