Chore Chart

I made a chore chart a few years back and haven’t used it since.  I pulled it out and altered it a bit and this is what it looks like.  I’m really trying to gear up for the fall by having things organized and easy for the kids to follow. 

Don’t laugh cause I am not an artist, but you get the idea.  The kids have liked it so far.  No arguments since I put it up. I just say that they need to finish their chores before… and they go to the wall and see what hasn’t been done and do it.  I told them that in the fall they will need to pick three chores and have them done before they will get breakfast.  I also added that the kitchen will close at 8:45.  The time may change, but we’ll see. 

To make it I went to the local hardware store and bought a piece of pressed wood with a nice coating on it.  I drew the lines with a sharpie marker and then under the word done, I screwed two cup hooks so the kids could hang each chore when it is done.  Each chore is written on a sample of formica.  You have probably seen where these are kept near the kitchen remodeling section.  They are the perfect size and already have a hole in them.  And YES, I did ask if I could take them.  I just said I had an art project I was doing. 

I was thinking that I could also use them on the kids’ workboxes for one of their 12 daily items if I have something extra that needs done, or I don’t have enough to fill all 12 for a particular day.  They all have velcro on the back, so they are interchangeable. 

I have a 3 ring binder to store all of the workbox tags and the chore chart tags.  That way, I just have to pull it out and they are all stuck right there for me to grab.  Nice and handy.

Of course when CP saw it he asked, “where mine?”  I haven’t remedied that one yet, but I will definitely add his name somehow!





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