Busy Day

How many things can you pack into one day? 

I took Ramona to VBS at 9.  Came back home picked up the boys and drove them to handbell practice.  Went back to VBS to pay for carnival food tickets for tonight because I forgot my checkbook this morning.  Then I drove CP home and made a few phone calls.  Drove back to hand bell practice and picked up the boys for a performance at a local retirement home.  My sister picked up Ramona with her kids at the VBS and brought her to me at the retirement home and then stayed to watch.  I then drove my kids out to my mom’s house so she could watch them while I went to work at my church.  I drove my mom’s car to work and met her after work at our house at 5:15 so we could go to the carnival together as a family.  Daddy’O was waiting for us when we got home.  We then went to the fabulously fun carnival at the church that had the VBS and then we took Daddy’O home so he could go to bed and then drove out to my mom’s house for some freshly baked cherry pie.  While the kids were there they had picked cherries from her trees and she made a sweet and tangy cherry pie.  It wasn’t cool enough to eat before they left to meet me, so we went there after all the fun.  It was a bit too tart for two of my kiddos, so not only did I eat my piece, I had to finish their pie as well LOL!  MmmmMmmmm good! 

Phew! What a day.  It actually went off without a hitch too.  Praise the Lord for flexible people and transportation that works!  And for a city that can contain all of that fun within a few miles from each other.  There would have been no way I could have been able to get to all of the places if they were not relatively close to each other.  I am thankful to live in a location that is close to most everything I need.  Saves gas too.


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