“I Have One Too Mom?”

The kids have to practice at least 5 times per week on the piano or they have to pay for their lesson.  I placed a sticker chart on the piano for a nice visual reminder.  CP saw Ramona putting a sticker on and asked if he could have one too.  I told him that they were for practicing the piano and he said, “I practice pano, I have one too Mom?”  How could I refuse??? I said of course.  He got up on the piano bench, turned a few pages and “practiced” the piano for about 5 minutes.  He got down and asked me for his sticker.  It was sooo cute.  He wanted it on his hand. 

It just cracks me up that he is big now and wants to do the same things the bigger kids are doing.  He doesn’t miss a beat!  The big kids got workboxes, he wanted a workbox.  The kids got a chore chart, he wanted a chore chart.  The big kids got a piano practicting chart with stickers, he wanted stickers.  Why haven’t I gotten it into my brain to just include him up front. 

He is just the sweetest thing around!!!!

God is wonderous to have brought me one big smile bundled up in a darling cpandmc33 1/2 year old.


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