Let’s Have a Do-Over

Today was one of those days that every mother hates. 

We actually started out on a fun note by stopping in at our local Krispy Cream.  We haven’t been there in about a year or so, and thought it might be a fun treat. 

Well because we were out by some other stores, I thought we should run a few errands.  We stopped in at some large box stores too. 

I’ll skip the gory details all to say by the end of the day, Ramona was not getting any sugar until Wed., playing with any friends outside until Thursday, and was already grounded from her bike until Friday.  A few other consequences were thrown in there as well, but we can’t list those 🙂 

Whew!!! What a day.  After all that I put CP to bed and told the others that they could stay up until 7:45 and then were to go to bed.  They were aloud to read for an hour and then it was lights out.  Daddy’O was already in bed and I left to go clean a few bathrooms at my folks’ house.  While I was there Ramona called –Now if you had known what kind of day she had (how utterly -we’ll just say “disrespectful” she was to me) you would not have recognized her voice–she had the sweetest, most precious little voice. 

I think God made her eye itch just so she would call me and let me hear her precious voice from afar.  There is no way I could stay upset or frustrated at a little girl with such a sweet and tender voice.


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