A Visit With Spring :)

I love it when the sun starts peeking out behind the gloomy clouds.  Spring is on its way here in the Northwest.  Thank goodness!

I sent my son and niece out to play in the backyard yesterday with boots on their feet.  I forgot to mention to them that the boots were so their little toes would stay clean, dry and warm… I discovered quickly that they had different ideas.  Before I knew it they had both stripped off their warm cozy boots to let their tiny toes out for a visit with mud.  You don’t know this, but at the end of our spiral slide there is a wonderful brown squishy puddle just calling for toes.

You see, their toes or thier feet for that matter, haven’t seen or felt muuud in quite awhile, and I guess, if you have preschoolers in your home you may already know this, that if those toes don’t get a chance to get out and squish in the ooey gooey mud…

 well to be honest, I’m not really sure what would happen, but it can’t be good.  I know this because if it wasn’t soooo important my niece and son would definately not have taken their boots off of their cozy, warm and dry feet!


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