The Grass is Always Greener

Our chickens keep me smilin’. They love to just sit out our back door all day peering longingly in to see the happenings of our day. Today I looked out our kitchen window and spotted this lovely girl.  I think she feels left out.  She is just sure that if she could transport herself through the window she would find something so much better than the wormy grass and mud outside.  Ignorance is BLISS!!!


Valentine Smiles

We made yummy cookies. I made them late the night before and the kids had fun decorating them. Unfortunately, CP’s ended up face down on the floor. Nothin like cleaning red frosting out of carpet. Master C didn’t want his pic. taken. Ramona was so funny. She said, “mine has plaque on his teeth from eating the cookie.”. Notice she colored the teeth red.

A Visit With Spring :)

I love it when the sun starts peeking out behind the gloomy clouds.  Spring is on its way here in the Northwest.  Thank goodness!

I sent my son and niece out to play in the backyard yesterday with boots on their feet.  I forgot to mention to them that the boots were so their little toes would stay clean, dry and warm… I discovered quickly that they had different ideas.  Before I knew it they had both stripped off their warm cozy boots to let their tiny toes out for a visit with mud.  You don’t know this, but at the end of our spiral slide there is a wonderful brown squishy puddle just calling for toes.

You see, their toes or thier feet for that matter, haven’t seen or felt muuud in quite awhile, and I guess, if you have preschoolers in your home you may already know this, that if those toes don’t get a chance to get out and squish in the ooey gooey mud…

 well to be honest, I’m not really sure what would happen, but it can’t be good.  I know this because if it wasn’t soooo important my niece and son would definately not have taken their boots off of their cozy, warm and dry feet!

Prayer Request From a Four Year Old

CP came out of bed with an important prayer request.

“Mom, would you pray that Beeda would please give me back my sword.  I accidentally hit her real hard and now she won’t give it back to me.”

Meanwhile the twelve year old brother was smothering his laughter as he ran out of the room trying not to let CP know how funny the whole request was. 

Too funny!  It is sooo hard to control your laughter while taking your kids’ concerns seriously.  Master C thinks I have it mastered.  He sees the twinkle in my eye, but is amazed at how I can keep it together without crackin’ up.

Brotherly Love

CP came running in from outside this morning after looking at all the frost Jack left us and exclaimed, “Holy Momma, there is a lot of frost out there.”  After the hysterical laughter subsided, 3D lovingly said, “I don’t think I could ever get enough of CP.”

Then the other day, Master C came to me out of the blue and said he didn’t know what he would do if something happened to CP and he died.  He didn’t see how he could go on without all of the comedy the little guy brings.  Now the funny part, he said, (follow the logic here…) “we should have more kids.  We don’t know what we are missing.”  I laughed and was pretty much speechless.

Love the Vocab or You Might Consider Him Brainwashed

“Mom, I’m testing out how eco-friendly the bb’s are.  I put one biodegradeable, one metal, one regular bb in a cup of water to see which one breakes down first.”  Stated matter of factly by our ten year old 3D.

A Visit From “Ho Ho”

Santa came for a visit on Christmas Eve. Daddy’O has had this outfit for years. It has only seen the light of day a few times, but it was worth it on Christmas Eve to let it out of the box.

Daddy’O went out the front door without being spotted and then rang the doorbell. Cp peeked out the little window and I opened the door. He sat right on his lap with a little hesitation, and even though he looked right into daddy’s eyes, he didn’t suspect a thing. He did, however, qustion how Santa knew his sister’s name.