“I Hate School” Written by an Unhappy Homeschooled Child of 8 Precious Years Old


I just have to laugh.  She came to me this morning and asked if she could write a story about how stupid school is.  Of course I said, “yes.”  I’m all for writing!  If I were really hard-nosed, I would point out all of her mistakes and make her rewrite it.  Haven’t decided if I will or not.  But could be a great tool.  This is definitely a keeper! 

For your benefit, Chinnes is Chinese.  O is Oh.  Grramme is grammar.

Oh, and she apparently still needs SCHOOL:)

Got to love self-expression!


3 Responses

  1. And don’t try to change her mind 🙂 I love it !!

  2. aw… that’s both cute and sad… 🙂

    Yeah, we have one who hates being homeschooled – he’s mister social. And I know kids will alternate with what they say/feel about stuff, including school. But it worries me when I see frustration like this in my own kids.

    We want our kids to want to learn. That’s part of the benefit of homeschooling, being able to instill a love for learning, rather than ‘doing school’ and forcing our kids to meet someone else’s expectations. So we look for things they want to learn and find ways to try to incorporate that info into the schoolwork. Things like dinosaurs, war, space, music are all interesting topics for the kids – all of which gives us English (reading, writing, grammar, spelling), math, science.

    Maybe she hates it because she has difficulty with her eye sight? I had to get glasses for one kid before he stopped complaining about it being too hard.

    Maybe she hates it because she’s reading too fast in her head to understand what she’s reading and can’t process/recall it well? I had one who I had to make read aloud to slow his reading down, because he was reading so fast in his head that he could not remember or process it. After that, he began to enjoy reading.

    Is it possible to switch up the curriculuum, or how its presented/learned? Maybe going with unit studies? We use a combination of computer curriculuum (Switched-on-Schoolhouse) which gives videos to watch and listen to and the computer can read-aloud the test and they can read the text, and work books (Character Quality Language Arts) and manipulatives for the kinestetic learner (Math-U-See), read/work books (All American History, Mystery of History), and science from apologia. We also buy educational board/computer/video games and toys and let them watch educational TV/videos and we count it towards school…

    Maybe she hates it because its not her learning style? We have one who is visual, another is auditory and another is kinestetic (he has to move all the time), and I have no idea what our youngest is yet. We go with different styles of curriculuum at vairous times, so they all get their learning style addressed.

    Or maybe her personality is such that she needs to see a need for the material before she’s able to apply herself? I have one who will be stuck until I can help him see a need for the work.

    Maybe she needs to take a break – especially if you pulled her out of school, as she might need some unschooling for a while….

    Just some thoughts.

  3. That is the best letter ever. Mine say this, but actually seeing it written is hilarious. What’s better, is I could totally hear her saying this as well.

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